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Conduit was created by our CEO, Ryan Robinson, while he was a student at MIT. After studying under Eric Lander, the father of the Human Genome Project, Ryan Robinson was inspired to create medical technology that would save lives. Conduit uses computers to create products for people. We leverage a network of supercomputers, bitcoin miners, and even smartphones called 'Collective Computing' to design physical products that can have a life-changing impact on the world. 

nanoSPLASH: The Painless COVID-19 Test

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Led by our chief scientist Logan Trasher Collins, Conduit is developing nanoSPLASH. A COVID-19 diagnostic test that will be suitable for use at home without the aid of a clinician. Simply spit into the bottle and nanoSPLASH will give you results in under 60 minutes, approximately 200x faster than many standard diagnostics. Since nanoSPLASH will be usable at home, you will not need to visit a testing center and risk exposure to COVID-19. Painless. Simple. Effective. nanoSPLASH is expected to be available sometime next year.

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COVID-19 is unlike any other virus. It mutates faster than anything the world has ever seen and research shows that those who have been infected before may get infected again. In order to be prepared for future strains of COVID-19, Conduit is developing a new type of COVID-19 diagnostic that works in minutes called nanoSPLASH. nanoSPLASH is the world's first nonintrusive COVID-19 diagnostic test. Simply spit into the nanoSPLASH bottle and the oral solution inside will change colors to indicate if you have COVID-19. nanoSPLASH works in minutes and will be able to be taken at home. nanoSPLASH is the COVID test of the future.  Join Conduit's VIP Early Access Program to get your test when it's ready! 

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There are over 68 strains of sars-cov-2

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The White House’s COVID-19 HPC Consortium

Conduit is high performance computing company that is tackling the pandemic in multiple ways.In the wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Conduit has assembled a team of world experts consisting of scientists, consultants, and engineers to find a cure for COVID-19 using some of the biggest supercomputers in the world. Conduit works alongside Amazon, Google, MIT, and even the White House as a part of the White House HPC Consortium to help stop the pandemic and help people see their loved ones again.

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