Conduit understands that the biggest problem of the pandemic is understanding who has been infected. Those infected with COVID-19 can still be infectious despite showing no symptoms. Not only that, those who have contracted COVID-19 before are still susceptible to being reinfected once again.


Unfortunately, current COVID-19 testing has proven to be inaccessible to many. Testing often requires going to medical centers that can serve as hotspots of infection. In fact, one of the most infected and devastated groups of the pandemic have been health workers themselves. Currently, COVID-19 testing is painful and invasive. Not only that, after the test the wait time to receive results can extend into weeks.  Conduit aims to address the inaccessibility problem of COVID-19 testing by developing a diagnostic test titled, "nanoSPLASH."  Conduit has answered the call of our times by designing technology that could foster the reopening of society and save lives. 


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What is nanoSPLASH?

nanoSPLASH is an oral COVID-19 diagnostic Test that works in minutes. Spit into the bottle and your saliva will change colors to indicate if you have recently been infected with COVID-19.  


Why should I use


nanoSPLASH is non-invasive and painless.  nanoSPLASH will be provided over-the-counter rather than only at medical centers. Conduit VIP Early Access Members will be able to test themselves on their own time, in their own homes. 


nanoSPLASH  empowers people by putting health decisions back into your own hands.

How does nanoSPLASH work?

Conduit's patent-pending oral solution works by first detecting the viral genome of COVID-19, then hybridizing the genetic material in order to cause a chain reaction that turns the solution red to indicate to the user of the presence of COVID-19.


Currently, Conduit is engaging the FDA for emergency authorization usage based on the urgency of the pandemic. You can get early access to nanoSPLASH by signing up for the Conduit VIP Early Access Program for $100 or $12 a month. Each member of the VIP Early Access Program will be granted early access to 1 nanoSPLASH package once nanoSPLASH is available next year. 

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