Working with the White House: The HPC Consortium

Conduit is proud to announce that we have been accepted into the White House Supercomputer Consortium. We are now working with Amazon, Google, IBM, Grand Oak Laboratory, MIT, and the top researchers in the world to utilize our resources to fight the novel coronavirus pandemic. With the resources of the White House Consortium, Conduit and our lead scientist Logan Thrasher Collins are closer than ever to a treatment for COVID-19.

Conduit is developing a new way of studying the novel coronavirus in order to aid therapeutic drug discovery. While many platforms are looking strictly at the spike protein and its interactions with the human ACE2 receptor, Conduit’s platform focuses on investigating the assembly of the viral envelope to help find treatments that could be overlooked by these other approaches. Logan Thrasher Collins is leading Conduit’s efforts. Collins created a new type of antimicrobial protein to help combat antibiotic resistance when he was only 16 years old. He won the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair’s microbiology category for his work. He was also invited to take part in the Nobel Prize ceremonies while still in high school. Collins later published his antimicrobial research in the journal ACS Biochemistry. Conduit defines itself by working with the brightest minds to solve the world’s hardest problems.

Before the pandemic, Conduit had already been featured in NBC, MIT News, American Inno, Moguldom, and Forbes under 30 for our revolutionary work in using computers to aid drug design. Conduit has also applied quantitative finance techniques to predict future outbreaks. This endeavour is led by Bartt Kellerman, founder of the Battle of Quants and previously a Global Business Development Executive at IBM.

As Conduit works with the White House, MIT, and the largest tech companies in the world, we find ourselves at the intersection of government, industry, and research— where the categorical dissolves and humanity meets humanity. In this time, we find ourselves facing a familiar foe. We are fighting what our ancestors fought and what their ancestors fought before them—before we divided into classes and races and nations of people— where our sense of shared danger brought us all under the banner of mutually assured survival. It is Conduit’s hope that we emerge from this crisis with the perseverance of all of humankind in mind.


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